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About Champ

Irish Champ is a traditional, all time favourite and quick potato recipe. Irish people love potatoes a lot. There are a number of traditional recipes for spuds. In Irish ‘spud’ is the word used for a potato.

In the US potatoes are mainly identified as Irish potatoes or white potatoes. Champ usually can be prepared using fresh or leftover potatoes. This dish makes you feel how easy the champs are to make. You just need leftover potatoes which are lying around in your house.

Well, Champ is the Scottish dialect word. And its meaning is to mash or crush. Champ is a great dish. It is prepared and served like a bubble and squeak. For a spicy taste you can add little gravy on the side to make the dish complete.

It comes with a fried egg on top of it. Champ is accompanied with roast beef, sausages or bacon. You can even have vegetables like cabbage.  

This recipe has various variations like

1. For dinner, fold the champ in sauteed kale, cabbage or sauteed, sliced leeks.

2. You can add peeled roasted garlic to the potatoes, butter, and milk and mash it well together.

Ingredients needed for Irish Champ:

Champ as a dish needs 675 grams floury potatoes like russets, peeled and cubed cuts. Add sea salt to taste. If you can’t add ghee, add 55 grams of salty butter.  Include 1 cup green onions. 2 to 3 ounces of milk is needed. Add fresh black pepper to get the taste of spiciness.

Method of preparation :

1. Collect 

You need to collect all the above ingredients freshly purchased for the champ preparation.

2. Keep for Boiling 

Gather the cut pieces of potatoes. Keep the pan containing water on the stove. To get potatoes boil at low temperatures. And put the potato pieces into the boiling pan.

Add some salt to it. Boil it that the potatoes gets soften in the middle. Check it by piercing with the knife, you should get it soft. This process will complete within 20 minutes as per the potato size.

3. Chop the veggies

You need to chop the vegetables that includes cabbages or onions. Chop them into fine particles. Set these green chopped veggies aside.

4. Use of Butter in Irish Champ

Take a cooking pan. Apply butter and milk to the pan gently. And heat gently to melt it. Let the cooked potatoes drain in a colander. 

5. Smash the potatoes

Now add the potatoes back to the pot. And mash it to make it more smoother and creamy. Be careful of over mashing as the potatoes can end up gluey. 

6. Mix well

Now mix the finely chopped onions with the smashed potatoes. Sprinkle it with salt and pepper to taste. 

7. Serve it

Now the final stage arrives of serving warm topped with sliced green parts of the onions.

Enjoy the champs. It is a very delicious dish if you add some accompanies with it.