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If you are visiting Ireland for a few days or planning for a vacation. There are top 10 foods to eat in Ireland.  

1. Langoustines 

As Ireland is surrounded by water and the Irish sea is one of the cleanest seas in the world. This means it’s one of the largest fresh seafood resources. It produces some of the best seafood in the world. This dish is also known as Dublin Bay prawns in Ireland. They look like miniature lobsters to which they are related. The best way to eat these is to have them cooked simply. Else you can boil them, dip them in butter or cook under a grill. Once a year around San Patrick’s Day in March. They hold a festival called Dublin Bay prawn festival while they celebrate the languoisten. The festival is situated in the area of Dublin by the sea. It’s well worth visiting the festival, if you’re around at that time. As there are many stores and many stalls selling dishes made from langoustine.

2. Black and White Pudding

These are two different types of sausages and are usually eaten at breakfast time. But can also be eaten other times of the day. Black pudding is a type of sausage made from blood meat fat , oatmeal and a filler such as breadcrumbs.

In a traditional Irish way, black pudding is called Rosin and is usually made with sheep’s blood, milk, salt, breadcrumbs, muffin soot and stuffed into the sheep’s intestine. The white pudding is also a type of sausage like black pudding but without the blood. Instead other ingredients are substituted for the blood, usually suet or liver. The white pudding is served by slicing and frying and is usually eaten as part of an Irish Breakfast.

The other constituents of an Irish breakfast also include fried eggs, mushrooms, bacon. These Irish people refer to colloquy as Russia’s sausages and baked beans. My favorite brand of black and white pudding on the island is ‘Clonakilty’. There are other nicer brands available but not as popular as Clonakilty. 

3. Guinness

This brew was first created by Arthur Guinness in the late 1700s. This is Ireland’s most famous beverage and that is the Guinness beer. Although  Guinness is available around the world. It became popular with train porters or the people that load bags onto the trains. That’s why it was originally called porter stout. Stout means strong or full-bodied. In fact the alleged health properties of Guinness was used as an advertising tool right into the 1920. It was given to patients after an operation. It is brewed in San James’s gate brewery in Dublin. 

4. Oyster

As till now, you understood that Ireland has varieties of seafood available. THis is another item which is the oyster. In Fact there are many people who eats oysters daily as far back as 8000 years ago. Due to the discovery of discarded oyster shell beds in archaeological digs. Back in history though the oyster was seen more as a basic food item rather than a luxury food. It even helped the population living around the coast to survive the two famines which affected the potato crops. Today though oyster was eaten out of pleasure rather than as a necessity. And is celebrated as part of Irish cuisine. Oysters can be eaten cooked or raw but usually eaten raw straight out from out shell. The season for oysters starts in September.

5. Irish stew

The meat used in this dish would rather be mutton rather than lamb or beef as used today. Earlier sheeps were kept in every house for their milk and wool. As they come to age they are made ready to slaughter and use their meat. Thus this method is stewy which is a long and slow process. Original recipes would have only used two other vegetables added to the mutton. Veggies like onion and potato are used. Carrot and turnip is also added if found. You’ll find the best Irish Stew in the pubs.  

6. Coddle

This dish dates back to the 18th century. It was allegedly the favorite dish of Jonathan Swift who wrote Gulliver’s Travel. This dish name is also mentioned in the book of Dubliners written by James Joyce. Coddle is the word that describes the method of cooking food in the water. That too at a very low temperature ie. below boiling point. The main ingredients added to water are potatoes, sausages, bacon and onions. The low and slow method of cooking produces flavorful dishes such as meat and vegetables. Traditionally this dish is cooked in Irish homes on Thursdays. As Catholics are not supposed to eat meat on Fridays. 

7. Bacon and Cabbage

This is a dish traditionally eaten on some patrick’s day. But popular enough to be eaten all year round. The dish consists of a piece of back bacon boiled with cabbage and potatoes. Cabbage can be cooked in the same liquid as the bacon which would infuse some of its flavor onto it. The bacon is served sliced with the cabbage and potatoes. Often accompanied by white bechamel sauce flavored with parsley. 

8. Boxty

This is historical food that dates back to famine times. These are Irish potato pancakes called boxty. The name is derived from the Gaelic ‘aran bocht ti’ meaning poor house bread. These are full of appetizers. There are three boxty, Pan boxty, Loaf boxty, and ball boxty. Each named after their method of cooking. The ingredients it contains are potatoes, flour and a pinch of salt. 

9. Spice Bag

It consists of potato chips, fried crispy chicken strips or chicken balls and green and red peppers, fried onions and cheese. This mixture is placed into a paper bag. That too along with the mixture of Asian spices that are sprinkle on it. Spices like Chinese five- spice powder and Schezwan peppercorn powder. It became a part of Irish Cuisine. 

10. Lucky Charms

 It is a breakfast food which contains toasted oat shapes mixed with multicolored marshmallows.